Discotek Media continues being the best damned anime distributor in the US

Discotek just added a couple of new images with release dates to their facebook page.

Red vs Green

Lupin III: Red vs Green will be coming May 21. Easily in my top favorite Lupin films, and a crazy idea for a crossover even by its own terms. (Remember, Lupin’s met both Detective Conan and Inspector Gadget!)

ninjacatsLegendary Ninja Cats, the Tatsunoko series that got Sabanized into Samurai Pizza Cats, is due April 30.

Both are available in the US for the first time with these releases, but we already know they were coming. Discotek did mention one more release that they hadn’t announced before, though, and it’s a license rescue:


If the out-of-print Bandai three-volume edition of Aim for the Top2! Diebuster has been too expensive for you (I’ve heard this story from many), you can look forward to picking up the complete series on May 21. Do it. No excuses.

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