Two surprising anime licensings announced

Two series have been announced for upcoming home video release, both from surprising sources. First up is Mamoru Oshii’s totally awesome police-procedural-with-giant-robots comedy, Mobile Police Patlabor. There are many Patlabor properties, but in this case we’re talking about the original, 7 episode OAV from 1988, which was previously released in the US by the sadly-defunct US Manga Corps. The license rescuer in this case came as a surprise to me: Maiden Japan. I associate the brand with cute girls doing cute things (kneejerk reaction, I know they also put out Ray, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Papillon Rose), but with a female protagonist, Patlabor does meet their criteria. I’d highly recommend this series to, well, any anime fan with an attention span, since it’s the perfect blend of comedy (which the Patlabor TV series accentuates more) and cop drama (which is more prevalent in the Patlabor movies). Just be aware: This show puts the “real” in “real robot”, and if all you care about is the battles, you’ll have to put up with an episode of giant mechs getting caught in traffic.


The other surprising announcement was that the 1982 TV adaptation of Buichi Terasawa’s space opera Space Adventure Cobra is coming to the US in two DVD sets (no word on how the 31-episodes will be split up yet, but apparently the English-language pilot episode will also be included). This in itself isn’t curious, but the announcement that it’s been picked up by Right Stuf, when it was Discotek that put out the Space Adventure Cobra feature film just a few month prior, is. Still, it’s exciting to get a dose of 70’s/80’s-era Shonen Jump sci-fi action, and I’m looking forward to its release (though still need to work through all those Dirty Pair discs that Right Stuf put out first).

via SciFi Japan, ann

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