Hideo Nakata’s back to what he does best

As the director of the original The Ring (or “Ringu” if you want to get silly about it) and Dark Water, Hideo Nakata is one of the lynchpin figures in the establishment of modern kaidan (I have no idea is Japanese actually refer to what American call “J-Horror” this way, but I just can’t bring myself to use this term). Lately, though, he’s been at other, less iconic projects, such as Incite Mill, Ch@troom, and that terrible Death Note spinoff movie. However, his latest, Kuroyuri (black lilly?) Apartments, or, as it’s less creatively titled for the west, The Complex, seems much more in his signature desaturated -color-palette-ghostly style (also, there’s an ex-AKB48 member, but by now, it seems like approximately 20 percent of Japan’s entertainment industry must’ve been in that band at some point).  The movie comes out this week at Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 27 before premiering in Japan in May.


via SciFi Japan

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