Akibaranger Season 2 announcement

As previously mentioned, a second season of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger was announced at a Kamen Rider and Super Sentai stage show early this year. Well, now the part of the stage show featuring the announcement has been put online. In the clip, Masato Wada makes a surprise appearance on stage as the show’s main character, Nobuo Akagi, under the premise of delivering a package. The contents of the package winds up being his signature transformation device, which informs him of the show’s return, leading him to immediately speculate about upcoming plot developments.

I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if a fansubbed version of this announcement pops up within the next few day, though I’m still holding out for the Akibaranger “14th episode” stage show to get some sort of subtitle treatment.

via Henshin Justice


Edit: Sure enough, TV-Nihon has subbed the skit.

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