War on Geminar dub clip

The first dub clip from Funimation’s English version of Isekai Seikishi Monogatari (The Story of a Saint Knight from Another World) has appeared online, under the less ambiguous title “Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar”. Based on the clip, the dub doesn’t appear to be much to write home about (neither was the original Tenchi’s dub), but it’s good to see that this 2009 series will be coming stateside this year.

As a caveat, however, the title may be deceptive: War on Geminar has much less to do with Tenchi Muyo than, say, Tenchi Muyo GXP does. It takes place in a parallel universe, and the only returning character, our teenage protagonist Kenshi, was only seen as an infant in the original OVA. Long story short: don’t buy this for the familiar faces, but there are a few subtle nods to the original cast (which explains why Kenshi thinks he’s weak when he basically curbstomps through the whole series), and is about the only way to catch up with them that doesn’t involve reading Masaki Kajishima’s in-canon porno manga.

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