Cool toy news roundup

Rather than do each separately, here’s news about three new figures that caught my eye today:

Yoko and Nia from Gurren Lagann in the style of Panty & Stocking from Good Smile (10 cm, 2480 yen for the set), because who doesn’t love a Gainax mash-up:

gurren stocking

SH MonsterArts Destroyer (or, if you’re Toho, Destoroyah)’s early forms are a web shop exclusive in Asia, but the fine ladies and gentlemen at Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA have announced that they’re bringing them to the US. I’m actually more excited about these than Destroyer’s final form! The flying mode is a mere 4 cm, which seems sort of small, but the crab form is 6 cm and the aggregate form is 9 cm, perfect for battling the little Godzilla Jr figure that Bluefin is also importing.

MonsterArts crab Destroyer

Finally, specifically because US fans asked for it, a SH Figuarts has been produced for the final form of Dragonball‘s best villain, Frieza! It comes with swappable heads, hands, feet, tail, a planet-blasting deathball, crossed arms (for that no-hands fight) and a display stand.  It may or may not decide to murder all of your Saiyan toys.

Figuarts Freeza

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