First look at 2013 Powerpuff Girls

Among other news about Cartoon Network’s upcoming slate of shows, an image was released for the upcoming Powerpuff Girls new CGI-animated special. While the previewed art doesn’t cause quite as much culture shock as that for the Japanese Powerpuff Girls Z dids, it’s still a radical departure from what’s been done before. The big names that one might expect for a Powerpuff project (Craig McCracken, Genndy Tartakovsky, Lauren Faust) are not involved; instead it’s directed by Dave Smith with art direction by Kevin Dart. Also, Ringo Starr’s mentioned that he’s guest-starring.

I really loved the 10th anniversary special that came out five years back, so hopefully this manages a similar caliber of wit and humor.


In related news, we already knew that Teen Titans was getting a new series in the form of SD sketches, Teen Titans Go! but it seems official now that it will replace the currently running Young Justice. I love Glen Murakami’s Teen Titans as much as the next guy, but this still is still tragic news.

via ComicsAlliance

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