Gorgo coming to BD

The 1961 British giant-dinosaur-on-the-loose movie Gorgo is coming to North American blu-ray disc on March 19 courtesy of VCI Entertainment. While the classic suitmation picture is frequently dismissed as a Godzilla knock-off, it’s important to remember that it’s actually the third in a loose trilogy of movies directed by Eugene Lourie, all about dinosaurs rampaging through major cities (the first two being The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and The Giant Behemoth), which predates and directly inspired the Japanese kaiju boom. As for Gorgo itself, the effect of the film’s depiction of (mild spoilers) parent and child monsters (/end spoilers) has been debated by scholars and historians, though movies like Mothra, Gappa the Triphibian Monster, and Son of Godzilla might have been more directly influenced by Son of Kong and Snow Man (AKA Half Human).

This new blu-ray will include a newly-produced “making of” documentary, a Gorgo comic book gallery (Charlton’s Gorgo comics got wild, including a crossover with Reptilicus) and a look at the French comics, galleries for posters, lobby cards, toys, pressbook, production notes, and a before/after restoration video. I’d have liked an audio commentary, but this still seems like quite the upgrade from the previously available DVD edition of the film.

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