Three new Makai Knights in Garo pachinko game

If like me, you were a little underwhelmed by the lack of design variation on the army of Makai Knights that showed up at the end of Garo: Makai Senki, this might perk you up. The new Garo pachinko game, Makai Decisive Battle Gaoh, has three new, distinctive looking suits of armor. How distinctive, you ask? Get this: Yaiba, the red one, is female! (They get around this clear violation of the rules established by the TV series because it’s a character that switches between male and female forms (apparently was established in one of the Garo light novels).)



Odds of the pachinko game ever getting a fan translation are slim, but hopefully these designs reappear in one of the upcoming shows or movies. Wouldn’t mind seeing them turn up in a toy line as well, though it’d be nice to learn a little about the characters behind them.

via hju

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