CGI Captain Harlock trailer

The new trailer for Shinji Aramaki’s GGI Captain Harlock movie adaptation, due this fall, has everything one would expect from a Leiji Matsumoto project: grand space battles, questionable Engrish, and a thin, naked chick with billowing blond hair. I hope that this doesn’t get stuck in development hell, like the CGI Gaiking trailer that Toei also released (Toei’s also been pushing a CGI Saint Seiya film for a while), but the announcement of a fall release and the fact that there’s already a director and writer (in this case Gundam Unicorn‘s Harutoshi Fukui) might make this a bit more tangible. The movie will reportedly cost a whopping record-buster of over $30,000,000, making me question the whole argument that CGI cartoons are so much cheaper to produce than traditional animation.

via ann

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