SH Figuarts Golden Darkness

The line between Figma’s (generally) cute girls and Figuarts (generally) transforming heroes aesthetics continues to gradually blur with the announcement of an SH Figuarts of Golden Darkness from Kentaro Yabuki’s alien panty-shot series ToLoveRu. While I’m no fan of ToLoveRu (I think it’s a well-drawn, poorly written semi-porn that blatantly plagiarizes from Rumiko Takahashi’s romantic comedies), I am quite fond of Yabuki’s bounty-hunters-with-super-powers manga Black Cat (which is far more subtle in its plagiarism). As luck would have it, Golden Darkness is virtually identical to Black Cat‘s character Eve, so this figure might be worth picking up just to pretend it’s something else. US release has been confirmed from Bluefin in June, with an MSRP of $50.


More pictures at the Japanese retailer of your choice.

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