Digimon Xros Wars to air on Nickelodeon

Along with Ninja Turtles, Avatar, Kung Fu Panda, Power Rangers, and “brand new episodes” of Dragonball GT, the television station Nickelodeon continues to Asianify itself by picking up Digimon Fustion (the official name for 2010’s Digimon Xros Wars TV series, the 6th Digimon program) for broadcast later this year. It’s a fine program (though the sequel series, culminating in a crossover between all of the previous Digimon installments, reeks of squandered potential), so it’s nice that it’s reaching a wider audience and may soon get a merchandise push. However, if you’d rather not support the efforts of its inevitable localization by Saban Brands (who, in my mind, are unapologetically evil), you can watch the whole show now on Crunchyroll.


via ann

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