WonderFest/Toy Fair 2013 toy reveals

With Wonderfest and Toy Fair 2013 on the way, there’s a lot of cool tidbits leaking for the interested figure fanatic. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

As mentioned previously, NECA’s first wave of Pacific Rim toys will include two Jaegers, and now photos have been released:

gypsy danger

crimson typhoon

Hardly as dynamic looking as your standard Revoltech robot figure, but nicely detailed none-the-less. With Toy Fair 2013 on now, the Knifehead Kaiju will likely follow shortly, along with info about how much these suckers cost and how big they’ll be.

via coming soon

Across the ocean at Wonderfest, Guyver is getting a figma! The older Max Factory Guyver action figures have been marked up beyond all reason, so it’s great to finally have an alternative in affordable range. There have been a lot of complaints about figma’s Tekkaman Blade line being too small, so hopefully Guyver will be more in scale with figma’s other releases.

guyver figma

Speaking of figma, it should come as little surprise that they’ll be doing characters for pantsless-girl -sentai-anime Vividred Operation as well. The jury’s still out as to whether this show is genuinely good or simply “not bad”, but by the time the toys are on the market, we’ll have seen more episodes.

vividred figmas

Super Robot Chogokin had a few things to show off, including the original Mazinkaiser. I’m torn on this, since Revoltech already has a nice Mazinkaiser figure, and I’d much rather see SRC reissue their Mazinkaiser SKL, which was only included with the Japanese home video release of the series. Also pictured is Big O (which is awesome) and their zillionth GaoGaiGar release, in this case Genesic GaoGaiGar.


via import monsters

It looks like D-Style’s super deformed line of articulated robot model kits appear to be moving into Zone of the Enders territory now with a Jehuty kit. ZOE is undergoing a bit of a resurgence at the moment (blame the HD rerelease, maybe?), so it’s cool how many toy releases that it’s seeing.

d-style jehuty

via cyber gundam

Also from ZOE are a pair of Revoltechs, Vic Viper and Arjet from the ZOE 2nd Runner game.

Arjet Revoltech

vic viper revoltech

And of course Revoltech couldn’t resist another Eva, in this case Eva unit 8 from the third movie.

eva 8 revoltech

via cyber gundam

Finally is the news that SH MonsterArts is breaking out of its Heisei Godzilla bubble. See, MonsterArts’ line of figures so far, 14 by my count (with at least two more announced), have all been from the “Heisei” period of Godzilla films (1984-1998, not to be confused with the Heisei period of Japanese history 1989-present. It’s a long story). Sure, there’s a figure of Peter Jackson’s King Kong on the way, and a few of the angels from Evangelion have been shown off as well, but for Godzilla it was strictly within this time period. They must have realized that they’d either have to start making figures of the obscure kaiju for obsessive otaku such as yours truly (sure, I’d pay webshop exclusive prices for nice toys of Dagahra, or  Jupiter Ghost, or Gunhed, or Dororin, or Bagan, etc, but I’m in the crazy minority on that issue) or make actual money on the untapped timelines of Godzilladom , so they’re branching out into other periods now. From the past is 1964 Godzilla!

1964 MonsterArts

via import monsters

And from the post-Heisei “Millennium”  series of Godzilla films is Godzilla 2000, at least according to a teaser image on sculptor Yuji Sakai’s website:


Holy cow, this is going to make us fans poor.

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