Evangelion 3.33 to include God Warrior short

When the Japanese home video release of the third Evangelion rebuild movie, titled Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo, hits on April 24, a pretty exciting extra feature will be included: God Warrior Appears in Tokyo, the ten minute live-action short that Hideaki Anno made for his special effects museum.

The short, as you may recall, was made in conjunction with Studio Ghibli, and features one of the giant god warrior creatures from Nausicaä (a design that inspired the Eva units) appearing in a modern city. Considering Anno’s roots in tokusatsu fan films, I’m almost as eager to see this short as I am to see the Eva movie itself. Hopefully Funimation works out a way to port it over whenever the movie gets a release stateside…

via ann

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