NECA’s Pacific Rim update

So, we still have not seen the Knifehead kaiju yet, but Big Bad Toy Store is listing $63.99 as the MSRP for a pack of all three (Knifehead, Gypsy Danger, and Crimson Typhoon) 6-8″ figures in NECA’s first wave of Pacific Rim toys. Also, for some reason, one of the wave 2 Jaegers has already been revealed at NY Toy Fair, Striker Eureka:

pacific rim striker eureka neca wave 2

They’re really keeping these monster designs under wraps and pushing the robots hard, aren’t they?

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3 Responses to NECA’s Pacific Rim update

  1. Ivan says:

    Cherno alpha in wave 2 please!

    • kevnder says:

      Looks like Wave 2 will be Leatherback, Striker Eureka, and battle-damaged Gypsy Danger. There’s plenty of robots and monsters to allow for several more waves, though!

  2. bajra79 says:

    I want a Cherno Alpha!!!

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