Media Blasters rescues Super Robot Wars anime (also, Onechanbara Vortex)

Like a lot of DVDs released by Bandai Visual, the long out-of-print American Super Robot Wars: Original Generation discs are fetching a ludicrous price on the secondary anime market. While the show itself isn’t exactly amazing (it’s based on a video game franchise whose gimmick is crossing over characters that the anime doesn’t have the rights to, and some of the early CGI integration is dodgy as heck), there are some redeeming aspects to this OVA and TV series; including a few badass JAM Project openings:

Anyway, the good people at Media Blasters have announced that they’re digging this relatively obscure (in America) title out of the licensing gutter and putting it back on shelves in July; now it’ll be more widely available and cheaper than ever before, and will also have the advantage of more compact packaging (Bandai gave us 29 episodes across 10 individual DVDs, MB tends more towards box sets). We’ll be getting separate releases of the first TV series (Divine Wars, which retells the first Original Generation game) and the OVA (a sequel to the second OG game). There is a second TV series, The Inspector, which retells the second game, but that was never released by Bandai and hasn’t been announced; keep your fingers crossed (and wallets open) for the complete story!

While on the subject of video game adaptations, I completely missed that two weeks ago Media Blasters announced that they’re going to release Onechanbara Vortex (the 2009 DTV sequel to 2008’s Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, which MB released domestically in 2009), in April under the title “Chanbara Beauty: Vortex“. This sequel isn’t as good as the first film, but it’s still got hot chicks in bathing suits carving up zombies, so who can complain?

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