Kindle release of Kimagure Orange Road in English

Back when the American version of Shonen Jump launched a decade ago, there were hints that they might release Izumi Matsumoto’s Kimagure Orange Road as one of the many manga titles under the Japanese magazine’s umbrella set for the US. This didn’t happen, and as a result, American audiences were denied one of the great romantic comedies of the 1980’s.

Well, the market has changed, and finally the series is available, albeit not from Viz and only in digital form: the first of eighteen volumes has been released in English for the amazon Kindle. The manga is really the best way to go for this love-triangle with ESP shenanigans; while the TV anime and OVA does the series justice, it ended abruptly only to be followed by a bleak epilogue movie rather than a proper conclusion (the same thing happened with the Rurouni Kenshin anime). Kindle isn’t as nice a comics reader as comiXology, but hey, maybe a success in the digital format will lead to other editions.

KOR manga

via ann


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