The Wolfman vs. Godzilla director at G-Fest XX

Many were a little cheesed off at G-Fest last year when we (as hardcore Godzilla fans) were denied a look at the Gareth Edwards 2014 Godzilla trailer that screened at San Diego Comic Con. However, there was an unannounced treat which went quite a ways to making that up: A rare screening of footage from The Wolf Man vs. Godzilla, a mystery-shrouded fan-film from 1989. Amateur kaiju films are common, but this one is of particular note because several of Toho’s technicians and props were involved, and the thing looks to be of about professional caliber:


After decades of internet speculation among the English-speaking fan community, the director, Shizuo Nakajima, was tracked down, interviewed, and sent along some footage from the incomplete project for a screening at last year’s convention. Response was understandably enthusiastic (if you search enough, it’s possible to find some footage from the screening on youtube, but Nakajima requested that it not be posted, so I won’t direct link to it), and now Mr. Nakajima has been announced as a guest of the convention this year, and will be bringing more footage along!

This fan-film is too good to languish in obscurity, yet Toho’s overbearingly litigious nature regarding Godzilla copyright might squash even free distribution. Attending the show in Chicago this July may be the best opportunity that fans anywhere will have to check it out, in case it gets buried for another 24 years or completely forgotten.

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One Response to The Wolfman vs. Godzilla director at G-Fest XX

  1. Mark Jaramillo says:

    Thank you for respecting Mr. Nakajima’s wishes regarding posting of his film footage. This year’s presentation is a long time in the making, and I hope everyone is as excited to see it as I am to present it!

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