shutting down

Bad news for fans of obscure manga: if you want to legally read, say, Takao Saito’s Barom One in English, you have only until May 30th to do so. If you haven’t used‘s points to buy said manga yet, you have to do so by March 26th, and if you haven’t bought the points yet… well, I guess you won’t get to read the series. The website is closing down, and because they only have an online viewer (as opposed to the download format of e.g. comiXology), any titles that users have bought the rights to view are going to be lost. This is a big problem with the whole web-based digital format (an apt analogy would be that of a bookstore repossessing all the books it’s ever sold, without compensation, when it closes), but hopefully at least the titles that are JManga-exclusive (being already translated and formatted) show up on a different platform soon. There wasn’t a great selection on Jmanga, but I believe that the stories deserve to be available somewhere, somehow.

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