Kaiju Combat Kickstarter page suspended over nonsense

Backers of the Kaiju Combat video game series Kickstarter project received a discouraging email on March 20, stating that the page had been taken down because of an intellectual property dispute. This was a cause of some confusion: Was Toho upset that Godzilla was mentioned in the advertising? Had Jeremy Robinson decided to pull the likeness of Project Nemesis‘s title beast from the final boss roster? Did somebody else have a patent on modular fighting games?

The answer is ridiculous: Wizards of the Coast believes that because of their card game/Hub cartoon Kaijudo (which I understand is partially a localization of Duel Masters), their copyright extends to the word “kaiju”, despite the word being in common use in English for decades before their game existed. This absurdity is comparable to the creators of Ninjago going after any media with the word “ninja” in the title, and I assume this means that Hasbro lawyers plan on attacking Kaiju Fan, Godzilla: Kaiju World Wars, Giant Killer, Fire Breather, Pacific Rim, and the entire nation of Japan next.

via game politics

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