Sadako 3D coming to US Blu Ray

Ah, shark-jumping silliness. Some people think that this is where a slasher movie cycle is at its weakest, but I think that the creative freedom is really entertaining: I like to see Freddy fighting Jason, I like to see Pinhead in space, and I like to see a giant Sadako emerging from a Jumbotron. That’s why, despite some negative reviews, I’m pretty okay with Sadako 3D, the 10th-ish movie in the confusing chronology that is the Ring semi-series. It was only a matter of time before somebody decided to release the movie stateside (it was highly publicized in Japan with stunts like Sadako pitching at a baseball game), and now Well Go USA will be putting it out on Blu ray on June 4. There’s also a DVD, but that being 2D-only will diminish the experience, since this is an intentionally 3D production rather than a post-converted deal.

via SciFi Japan

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