SH Figuarts Jetman news

In a bit of truly odd distribution, it looks like the SH Figuarts action figure of Red Hawk from Chojin Sentai Jetman is available through Toys ‘R Us in North America. The obvious question is “why,” as the show has never been available in English and was not localized into Power Rangers at any point, meaning that the primary target audience for the merchandise would be people who go abroad or get their stuff off the internet anyway (both Red Hawk and Black Condor have been available on through Bluefin for a while now) and most casual Toys ‘R Us shoppers should not have a clue what they’re looking at. I imagine that this will be the same as the Bluefin Red Hawk release, meaning that it will have English packaging and no  bonus effects part for use with the Akibaranger figures, but I’ll addend this if that’s not the case.

And speaking of Akibaranger, Figuarts and Jetman, in the season premier of Akibaranger there was a strong hint that the remaining three Jetman members would also be getting Figuarts treatment:

Jetman figuartsI have to wonder if good Toys ‘R Us sales would get these brought to North America as well, but the two Shinkenger Figuarts that they sold didn’t result in the remaining four team members coming out here. And I guess worth mentioning: Figuarts for all of Zyuranger, Ryuranger and Kibaranger from Dairanger, and Hurricaneger‘s Hurricane Red all got shown off in the same episode.

via Henshin Justice

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