Ultraman Ginga details!

Tsuburaya registered a copyright for Ultraman Ginga last March, which is often sort of a non-story (see Power Rider), and then teased that an announcement would be coming soon. Well, here it is, the next Ultraman, who will be starring in a new TV series… sort of. As I understand it, the character will premiere July 10th in Ultraman Retsuden, which is a clip show highlighting previous Ultraman shows, and the Ultraman Ginga portion will run for 11 episodes and two specials. A full cast has been announced, so it’s not clear if this will be half-hour programming or just shorts.


Based on the news, it seems like this is a very youth-focused show. This Ultraman’s host, Hikaru Reido (Takuya Negishi), is a 17-year-old, and the premise of the show will be restoring Ultras and kaiju that have been transformed into dolls. I’m cautiously optimistic, as just about every Ultraman property in the last few years has been good, but it still seems like Tsuburaya could have done something a lot bigger for its 50th anniversary.

ultraman ginga

via jefusion

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