France Five complete set

The French Super Sentai parody Jushi Sentai France Five, featuring silly characters with names like Yellow Baguette and Pink a la Mode, has been running for a long time: it began back in 2000 and just ended this month with its sixth and final episode. The fan-made show improved in quality quite a bit over its run, and now it’s possible to own the whole thing on DVD, albeit in an unusual way. The French magazine Animeland is offering a two DVD set with all of the show, included with a special issue out this May. It sounds like the set comes with English and Japanese subtitles, so even non-French speakers might want to order.

animeland france five


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3 Responses to France Five complete set

  1. Kelleth1989 says:

    Yeah I want to buy. Its just that I can’t seem to find out how to order with out either needing to actually go to France or taking an subscription for several issues of animeland for way more then €14.95, which might not even be optional for people no living in France. No one could give me any option of where to buy it. So after this last check I am just giving up.

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