Maiden Japan rescues New Dominion Tank Police

With Maiden Japan reissuing old anime such as Black Magic M66 and Patlabor, Dominion Tank Police is an obvious next step: it’s a zany police comedy about a futuristic police force, whose main character drives a mech that she’s obsessed with (see Patlabor), and it’s from Masamune Shirow (see Black Magic M66). What’s odd, though, is that they decided to rescue New Dominion Tank Police first. This 1993 OVA is a sequel to the better-remembered 1989 series (which used to run on the Sci Fi Channel a lot), and is not as well-remembered, or frankly, as good, so the decision to release a sequel first is a little puzzling. The original is still more expensive on the after-market as well, so maybe licensing is a problem?

Of course, if they just wanted to go for something newer, they could have picked up 2006’s Tank SWAT 01 instead (I’m kidding; that one’s terrible.)

via ann

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