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Maiden Japan rescues New Dominion Tank Police

With Maiden Japan reissuing old anime such as Black Magic M66 and Patlabor, Dominion Tank Police is an obvious next step: it’s a zany police comedy about a futuristic police force, whose main character drives a mech that she’s obsessed … Continue reading

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First episode of Fire Leon available online

Because I’m a bad tokusatsu blogger, I didn’t find out about Fire Leon until today. It’s an ambitious project from Bushiroad, the premise of which is to unite many of Japan’s local super heroes (heroes with cheaper shows, only airing … Continue reading

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France Five complete set

The French Super Sentai parody Jushi Sentai France Five, featuring silly characters with names like Yellow Baguette and Pink a la Mode, has been running for a long time: it began back in 2000 and just ended this month with … Continue reading

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Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia posted online

Studio Trigger posted the entirety of Little Witch Academia, a 26-minute anime film (about a school for witches, obviously) from director Yoh Yoshinari (Panty & Stocking) on youtube with English subtitles! As a loyal Gainax fan, Trigger’s work intrigues me, … Continue reading

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The Evil Within trailer

Here’s a trailer for The Evil Within, previously known as Project Zwei, a 2014 survival horror game from Resident Evil‘s Shinji Mikami. The four-armed monster looks neat, but overall, the trailer doesn’t show very much. via crunchyroll

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New Lupin III vs. Detective Conan movie

The 2009 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan┬áTV movie was pretty great, so it looks like interested parties are trying to rebottle that lightning for a theatrical film, coming this December. I’ve got no idea how that’s going to work, since … Continue reading

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Tezuka’s Garon gets anime short

The title giant from Osamu Tezuka’s Majin Garon is getting a new 22-minute standalone anime short, Garon the Guardian, at the Hyogo prefecture’s Osamu Tezuka museum. It’ll run from April 27-May 14, celebrating the museum’s 20th birthday, and hopefully get … Continue reading

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