Tohru Fujisawa’s Kamen Teacher returns

Tohru Fujisawa is best known for his saga of titles featuring the Onibaku duo (Shonan Junai Gumi, Bad Company, Great Teacher Onizuka, Great 14 Shonan Days, and more), but he’s got a handful of genre titles under his belt as well, such as Tokko and Himitsu Sentai Momoider. Blending the superheroic action of a henshin manga with the pedagogical antics of GTO is Fujisawa’s Kamen Teacher, a four-volume manga from 2006 about a mysterious (to the students) masked teacher. Well, now it’s started up again with Kamen Teacher Black, currently running in Young Jump. Makes me wish Tokyopop was still around…

kamen teacher blackvia ann


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1 Response to Tohru Fujisawa’s Kamen Teacher returns

  1. M. Alan Thomas II says:

    Now if he makes a third series, it can be called Kamen Teacher Black RX.

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