The iDol coming soon to Vimeo

The better part of a decade ago, news of Norman England’s first feature film, The iDol, broke, and tokusatsu fans in the English-speaking community were stoked. We thought that as a reporter England had been living the dream of US fans, but now he was making movies with the likes of Tomo’o Haraguchi, Kow Otani, and Yukijiro Hotaru! It helped that with the premise of combining otaku toy collecting with an alien invasion, and a pretty sweet looking alien costume, the whole project seemed pretty appealing. And then… well… we didn’t see it. It was at film festivals, and on Japanese TV, but for most, but there was no news about a home video release, so we just moved on and picked up Feed Me and Bringing Godzilla Down to Size, England’s later cinematic efforts. Appropriate for the theme of collectibles, The iDol was the one that got away, until recently when it was announced that it’s coming to Vimeo.

Subtitling on the project is about halfway done, according to its facebook page, so hopefully the whole thing will finally be available soon! (Is that an All Your Base joke in the trailer? Wow, that takes me back; we really have been waiting for this movie a while…)

via MAT

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