Discotek picks up Mighty Space Miners

Discotek Media has been steadily chipping away at the list of anime only available in North America on VHS: The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, the Galaxy Express 999 movies, Unico, Space Adventure Cobra, Locke the Superman, Mad Bull 34, and Hurricane Polymar are now available in a format that can be read by modern equipment, with Captain Harlock soon to join them on DVD. Their latest announcement is Mighty Space Miners, an OVA title that ADV put out back in the day (and it wound up being used for MTV’s Cartoon Sushi):

In other Discotek news, they mentioned on facebook that they were unable to get the rights to the 1973 Casshern series, but have acquired a mystery 1970’s title from Toei instead. Wonder which one?

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