Anime Sols now open

Anime Sols is now up and running. It’s a streaming site for classic anime, with the twist that users can also pledge to crowd-fund a proper DVD release for each of the shows. What follows is a breakdown of show/studio/day of the week they add new episodes/how much they need to raise for a DVD:

  • Black Jack/Tezuka/Tuesday/$22,000
  • Blue Blink/Tezuka/Saturday/$16,000
  • Tekkaman the Space Knight/ Tatsunoko/Friday/$16,000
  • Yatterman/Tatsunoko/Thursday/$16,000
  • New Yatterman/Tatsunoko/Monday/$19,000
  • Ninja Robot Tobikage/ Pierrot/Wednesday/$19,500
  • Magical Angel Creamy Mami/Pierrot/Sunday/$19,000

In addition to this, three of Tezuka’s movies (Marine Express, Fumoon, and Bander Book) are up streaming now, with a proposed set of all three once they raise $18,000. In my opinion, every single one of these series is worth some attention, so by all means, go watch some stuff, and better yet, pledge something to it!

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