Toy news roundup!

Toy news time, for Bluefin, Importing Monsters, Henshin Justice, and other places!

With the Figuarts Sailor Moon selling really well (#1 toy on!), it was just a matter of time until more were announced. Here’s a sneak peak at Sailor Mercury, meaning that Sailor V will probably be the fifth figure released (boo!).


Also Figuarts, Krillin from Dragonball. Perfect to pose losing against your other Figuarts!

figuarts krillin

The Japanese release of the Zyuranger Figuarts will come with optional parts to reflect the “Powerful Rangers” delusion in Akibaranger. These will not be included with the US release because of complications with Saban Brands (ONORE SABAN!). Also, the Dairanger Figuarts will reflect the “Chinaman” delusion.


Tackle from Kamen Rider Stronger is getting Figuarts treatment, at last. Her knees don’t look any better than the SIC version did.


The anime Ultraman, Jonias, is joining the the Ultra-Act ranks.


Finally, MonterArts is entering the Millenium series of Godzilla not with Godzilla itself, as previously suggested, but with Kiryu, the most popular monster from the six-movie series. I wonder how the non-Heisei Godzilla stuff will scale…

monsterarts kiryu

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