Maser Patrol podcast episode 2: Rumiko Takahashi part 1 (1978-1987)

Here’s the new episode of our podcast, which, for accounting purposes, will get called episode 2, even though we recorded it after episode 3 (the original file got lost). This one will focus on mangaka Rumiko Takahashi, and the myriad adaptations of her work, in the early part of her career up to 1987, with a second podcast to follow eventually.

Direct download

We forgot to introduce ourselves this time, but Kevn is the one annoyingly starting every statement with the word “yeah” (I’ll work on fixing that, I promise!) and Josh (AKA Captain Casual) is the one doing a very good job of ignoring the Texas Rangers game in the background.

Show-note miscellanea:

The BBC Urusei Yatsura dub:

Beautiful Dreamer trailer:

Takahashi’s hair color-blindness:

yura wasted minds

The annoying neighbors of Maison Ikkoku:

Mermaid Forest opening:

Check out Rumic World for more info!

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