Incomplete news briefs

Hi all. I’ve been stuck with very limited internet access this week, behind firewalls that cut off a lot of sources of information. However, a few stories have slipped into my inbox, so I figure I’d throw them together into one post.

1) Hiroshi Yamamoto’s MM9 novel series had a new installment come out in Japan this month, MM9: Destruction.The original MM9 is easily the best kaiju novel ever written, so hopefully Haikasoru picks up the second novel, MM9: Invasion, and this one, sometime soon.

mm9 destruction

2) In addition to reviving Kamen Teacher, Tohru Fujisawa is also bringing back his cops-‘n-monsters manga Tokko for Tokko Zero, for Monthly Heroes magazine in July. The Tokko anime was a bit of a splash (more in the horror fandom than the anime fandom) back in the day, so it’s cool to see it back.

tokko zero

3) According to HJU, the next Kamen Rider series will be titled Kamen Rider Gaimu, using the kanji for “armored warrior”.

4) Here’s a trailer for the Kamen Rider Wizard/Kyoryuger summer movie:

5) Shotaro Ishinomori’s cold-war-with-robots series 009-1 is being adapted for screens again. The story is sort of an all-girl spin on Cyborg 009, and it was made into a tokusatsu series in 1969 and an anime in 2006. The new movie, starting September 7, will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto, with Mayuko Iwasa in the lead. Tokusatsu veteran actors Nao Nagasawa (Hurricaneger), Mao Ichimichi (Gokaiger), Aya Sugimoto (Sailor Moon, Higurashi), Shizuka Midorikawa (Kamen Rider W), Minehiro Kinomoto (Kamen Rider W), and Naoto Takenaka (Hiruko the Goblin, Red Shadow, Zaborgar) also star.

6) Variety is reporting that Tezuka Pro is in talks to produce a remake of Astro Boy for Nigerian TV, and considering localized versions for other countries as well. There’s already been an American Astro Boy movie, and I could easily imagine other countries with flourishing animation industries (France, Korea, Canada) doing their own, but Nigeria is a new one in my book.

7) Discotek Media has picked up the first five Dr. Slump movies for a DVD box set. No word on the TV series, but Dr. Slump is pretty easy to understand without any context, and the manga’s already available in the US (thanks, I’m sure, to Dragonball‘s popularity). Discotek also announced a box for the notorious 1994 Megaman TV series.

8) Surprising no one, Funimation formally picked up the rights to Evangelion 3.0.

9) Maiden Japan’s release of New Dominion Tank Police won’t have the English dub, so don’t toss your Manga Entertainment discs just yet.

10) More Neca Pacific Rim toys are coming from HeroClix, giving us a good look at some of the monsters!

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