Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Parasite Eve (1997)

In an effort to raise awareness of the wide variety of neat Japanese SFX titles available (and otherwise), I’ll be posting about a randomly-selected movie each day, unless I’m traveling without internet. These will be fairly short, depending on how much time I have, but I’ll try to at least give a clue as to what each movie is, and where you can get it in English.


Today’s selection: Parasite Eve (1997, dir. Masayuki Ochiai)

Subgenre: ESPer

Available from: ADV

It’s a often ignored fact that the popular Parasite Eve video game series from Square is actually a sequel to a novel (which available in English from Vertical). This film adaptation was also made before the first game, so it’s neither a game tie-in nor a prequel, as some seem to think. It doesn’t have the gruesome monster designs that the games do, and instead the villainous Eve turns her victims mitochondria against them by making them burst into flames, so it’s more of a psychic-on-the-loose romp than survival horror, though Eve does have some slightly monstrous makeup effects going on. The movie takes a bit to get going, and has some very 90’s CGI liquid, is otherwise fairly effective. There’s no trailers for this sucker that I could find on youtube, but there are a handful of fan-made music videos.

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