Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Aquarian Age- Juvenile Orion (2009)

Today’s selection: Aquarian Age – Juvenile Orion (2009, dir. Hidetaka Tahara)

Subgenre: ESPer (I guess?)

Available from: Discotek

Ugh, when this popped up in the random selector, I seriously considered hitting refresh, but decided not to cheat and went with it. The Aquarian Age franchise is based on a trading card game; it had an anime adaptation (which I didn’t find too memorable) and unrelated (?) manga, on which this film is based. It’s the sort of unrelenting shojo material that will appeal to fans of X, Angel SanctuaryDescendants of Darkness, Twilight, etc: pretty men with angel wings brooding in dimly-lit, color desaturated environments. There’s talk of  shadowy ancient warring factions and ill-defined destiny tied to psychic DNA something-or-other, religious symbolism on a purely aesthetic level, and gratuitous glam-rocker inserts. The pacing is very slow and special effects are barely present. Needless to say, not really my cup of tea, personally, but I imagine it might provide eye-candy for the fujoshi goth demographic.

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One Response to Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Aquarian Age- Juvenile Orion (2009)

  1. levrin says:

    As I recall, the original Aquarion Age collectible card game mostly involved pretty girls on cards in a variety of different factions (Psychics, Aliens, Eastern occult, Western occult, etc.), and then the manufacturer realized they could double their target audience by including pretty boys as well, which is how Juvenile Orion came about.

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