Today’s Random Tokusatsu: 100 Monsters (1968)

Today’s selection: 100 Monsters (1968, dir. Kimiyoshi Yasuda)

Subgenre: Yokai, Historical Fantasy

Available from: ADV

100 Monsters is the first installment in Daiei’s Yokai Monsters trilogy (or is it a quadrilogy now that Great Yokai War is out?), but gets mislabeled as the second often because ADV released the movies out of order. It’s not my favortite in the franchise (that honor goes to Spook Warfare), but it’s still decent. The movie takes place partially as a frame tale, operating around a ritualistic telling of a hundred different ghost/monster stories. The shrine where the stories are being told is under threat of being torn down and replaced by a brothel, leading to a climax where a cavalcade of familiar yokai from the stories reappear and team up against the profiteers.

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