Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Dororo (2007)

Today’s selection: Dororo (2007, dir. Akihiko Shiota)

Subgenre: Historical fantasy

Available from: Universal

Osamu Tezuka’s comic Dororo may be my favorite by the mangaka, the tale of a baby whose eyes, hands, ears, and other body parts are stolen and and split up among 48 demons. Little Hyakkimaru doesn’t perish, but instead gets cyborg prostheses, trains as a samurai, and sets out to kill the demons: for each one that’s slain, he gets a piece of himself back. The title character Dororo is actually just a sidekick to the story.

The movie does the manga justice, with lots of action and fun creature designs all around. The sad part is, there’s no resolution, as a second part to the movie was planned, but it never got made. Now that’s tragic!

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