Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Sukeban Deka – Counterattack of the Kazama Sisters (1988)

Today’s selection: Sukeban Deka- Counterattack of the Kazama Sisters (1988, dir. Hideo Tanaka)

Subgenre: Martial arts

Available from: Media Blasters

There was a time when it was a common practice for anime distributors to release movies for anime series that had never been released in the US, so we got the movies for titles like Yu Yu Hakusho, Patlabor, Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Ninku, etc., without any context of the characters from the show. Turns out, it’s not only anime that this happens for, but live-action releases as well, as Media Blasters released two movies for Sukeban Deka without the TV show. Yeah, the anime version was available, but that didn’t help much. The first movie is easy enough to view on its own, as a crossover between the three title characters of each season (like the PreCure All Stars or Lets Go Kamen Riders of its day), but the second film appears much more explicitly a tie-in to third TV series.

So, from that perspective, watching the second movie (Counterattack of the Kazama Sisters) by itself might not make a whole lot of sense. However, you’ll still see a ninja-cop undercover as a schoolgirl fight (including blowing up a car) using a battle-yoyo, so “a whole lot of sense” isn’t necessarily the selling point here. As a starting point, I’d still suggest the first movie or TV series (stay away from Yo-yo Girl Cop until the end!).

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