Monster Earth 2 novel coming this winter

I was a little lukewarm on the Mechanoid Press alternate-history kaiju anthology novel Monster Earth, as some of the chapters were interesting and some were meh. However, I’m still interested to what they have in store for continuing the anthology’s shared universe for the sequel, due in print and kindle either in December or January. Five of the original’s seven authors are returning (all save IA Watson of “The Monsters of World War II” and Nancy Hanson of my favorite story “And a Child Shall Lead Them”), with newcomer Thomas Dejah. The first book covered a lot of the bases of historical events for the kaiju to conform to, so I hope that this one can focus more on just telling good stand-alone stories rather than “Pearl Harbor/Vietnam/the Cold War with monsters” etc, the premise of which may be my biggest complaint.

via kaiju battle

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