Discotek rescues a bunch more titles

A new batch of Discotek announcements just hit facebook! Well, the bad news is that Discotek Media’s latest bunch of acquisition news didn’t include any live-action or titles that hadn’t previously been released in the US, however, there’s still some gems for the anime fans.

Starting small, they’re releasing the third movie in Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos saga, Jin-Roh, on DVD and Blu Ray, which has already been released here by Honneamise, but I’m sure Discotek’s release will be cheaper.

Speaking of Oshii on Blu Ray, they’ll also be releasing Dallos. Dallos has only ever had a VHS release in the states before, so I wonder how it’ll hold up in HD, since it was originally intended for video (in fact, depending on how you count, it was the first ever OVA!).

Cardcaptor Sakura has been rescued. The original DVDs of the series are going for insane prices in the aftermarket, so this is probably a good thing. It’s one of the most widely-remembered magical girl shows in the US, so not being available would be a bummer (*cough* Sailor Moon DVDs?). Edit: they only got the movie, not the show.

What I’m most excited for, though (because I’m weird), is the DVD of Lily C.A.T. Another VHS-only title up until now, it’s an Alien-inspired creature feature with designs by Yoshitaka Amano. Fans of the Sci Fi Channel’s Saturday anime may remember it fondly.

I talked with a Discotek rep at a con this weekend, and was basically told that their policy was to get stuff that they liked and think will sell. CCS certainly meets those criteria, but I’m always glad to see some of the overlooked gems getting a chance as well. Now if only we could convince them to pick up some more 90’s tokusatsu…

Update: They’ve also got the original Devilman TV series! Excellent!

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