Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Dead Rising (2010)

Today’s selection: Dead Rising (2010, dir. Keiji Inafune)

Subgenre: Zombie

Available: when you buy the game

Also called Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun, this feature-length movie is a heck of an incentive to purchase the Capcom game Dead Rising 2, even if you don’t own an Xbox 360. You can tell that it was directed by the original game designer, as it has lots of voice-over and POV shots for a distinctly gamey feel. The downsides are that there’s no subtitle option, only the dub (again, making it feel like a long cut-scene), and of course, no Frank West. Aside from that, it does maintain a lot of the game’s weapon-creating creativity, and the zombie action (when it finally occurs) isn’t bad. Most of what you need to see is in the trailer, though.

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