Maser Patrol podcast episode 5: Specific Rim

Better late than never? Here are our thoughts on Pacific Rim. In a nutshell: The movie is awesome, and we have some harsh words for its detractors. (And harsh words in general, if you’re easily offended.) If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m not sure how much you’ll get out of the show, but that might incentivize you: go watch Pacific Rim on the big screen, while you still can!

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Show Notes:

Here‘s a cool visual analysis of the movie that was posted after we’d recorded; it’s worth a read.

-If you want to throw a lot of money at the movie, there’s a $400 Gypsy Danger statue coming soon.

-The Japanese poster from Katsuya Terada:


-Also, here’s the Pacific Rim trailer set to the theme from Gunbuster. It works shockingly well.

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