Toei Robot Girls TV anime coming in January

Remember Toei Robot Girls? It’s a marketing line from back in 2009, re-imagining Toei’s classic super robot properties as cute girls, and even got a minute-long commercial:

Anyway, there’s going to be a TV series coming in January, with 10-minute episodes. While the original line-up focused on Baratack, Ga-Keen, and Gaiking, the stars of this series will be from the Mazinger franchise: Mazinger Z (as Z-chan), Great Mazinger (Gre-chan), and Grendizer (Grenda-san). The original characters (or personifications) along with Danguard Ace, will also be making appearances, however.

toei robot girls tv

via ann

Update: The episode count will be nine, and a promo short has been posted online!

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