Kamen Teacher/Ino Head Gargoyle crossover

Young Jump and Young Magazine will each be printing half of a two-chapter crossover between two of Tohru Fujisawa’s popular mangas: Kamen Teacher Black and Ino Head Gargoyle. Titled Kamen Teacher Police,the story will have Kamen Teacher meeting up with corrupt cop Toshiyuki Saejima, and I guess make Kamen Teacher a part of Fujisawa’s larger Shonan Jun’ai Gumi saga (which includes other titles like Bad Company and perennial favorite¬†GTO; is a crossover with Tokko next?). I’ve got to wonder how reprints of this are going to work, being split between two companies; it would really suck if half of the story was in a tankoban for one series and the other half was in the other, especially for companies licensing the manga abroad.

via ann

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