Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Tomie – Forbidden Fruit (2002)

Today’s selection: Tomie: Forbidden Fruit (2002, dir. Shun Nakahara)

Subgenre: Kaidan

Available from: Adness

Also called Tomie: The Final Chapter, this is the fifth of the nine movies so far made from Junji Ito’s Tomie manga (following slasher movie rules, it’s no more final than Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday or Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare). It’s definitely in my top three entries for the franchise, as it’s daring in its changes to the formula: Tomie is a revenant always associated with destroying men’s minds, but this movie puts her into a lesbian relationship as well… with another girl named Tomie (a precursor to 2007’s Tomie vs Tomie, perhaps?). The victim Tomie here is not one of the title monster’s various clones, however, instead she’s got the name because her father had been a Tomie victim years before and is clearly still obsessed. The immortal monster has no qualms about picking up where she left off with her current fling’s old man, and before you can say “perverse love triangle”, things get awkward. The loss of humanity is what makes the Tomie franchise compelling as a work of horror, and few things get quite as disturbing as a father and daughter at each other’s throats over the affections of an apparition.

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