Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Kamen Rider ZO (1993)

Today’s selection: Kamen Rider ZO (1993, dir. Keita Amemiya)

Subgenre: Henshin Hero

Available from: fansub-only

This was already discussed in the Keita Amemiya movies podcast episode, but in case you don’t want to listen to that, here’s the gist: This is the movie to celebrate Kamen Rider‘s 20th anniversary (2 years late, but whatever), with a new rider. It’s a great movie, with lots of Amemiya’s signature effects excellence, creepy designs, and gore. The movie makes an ideal gateway into the world of Kamen Rider, and watching it will explain why so many long-time fans are put off by the shenanigans in the post-Den Oh series.

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