Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Cromartie High School (2005)

Today’s selection: Cromartie High School (2005, dir. Yudai Yamaguchi)

Subgenre: Defies categorization

Available from: Media Blasters

The director of Battlefield Baseball is really the perfect choice for adapting the madcap adventures of Cromartie High School into a movie, not because of baseball (despite the titles, neither movie really has much to do with baseball), but because they’re both comedies about over-the-top youthful delinquents, and both specialize in weird, non sequitur humor. This movie features a macho, tough high school class, complete with a gorilla, a robot who denies that he’s a robot, and Hiroyuki Watanabe doing his best Freddy Mercury impression. The bad guys from Spectreman invade halfway through, and it doesn’t even feel out of place, since it’s that kind of movie. Of course, being a Yamaguchi film, Tak Sakaguchi makes an appearance, as one of the characters from the manga who was excluded from the anime adaptation.

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