Danguard Ace movies up for preorder

Yikes, I guess I should get around to finishing Shout Factory’s Gaiking and Starzinger collections, as they’ve just announced a Danguard Ace set, due November 19 for about $20. Like the previous collections, this is a newly-produced 330-minute-long dub-only compilation of a 1970s Toei anime. The original, like Gaiking and Starzinger, was part of the Force Five line-up in the US, and appeared in Marvel’s Shogun Warriors comic (so they can market it on some nostalgia), but it’s also an important work for the influence it had on Gainax’s Aim for the Top! Gunbuster anime (it’s no coincidence that Gunbuster and Danguard always wind up next to each other on “biggest mecha” charts). Plus, it’s from Leiji Matsumoto, and more of his work on the market is always a bonus.

For those keeping track at home, there’s still compilations of Captain Harlock, Fist of the North Star, The Adventures of Nadja, Lun Lun the Flower Girl, and Kitaro’s Graveyard Gang left for release. A few of those shows are already getting subtitled, complete series releases on R1, but I’m keen on investigating the ones that aren’t… even if the dub-only compilations are the only way to see ’em.


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