Bunch of random news shorts

Lots of neat stuff in the news lately, so little time. Here’s a rundown:
*Toyota has started marketing their new Char… um, I mean their new car, the Auris, with everyone’s favorite Gundam villain. While a bright red car is certainly sportier than a white and blue one, I have to wonder about the implications of getting an endorsement from Zeon.

*A trailer is out for the second part of the anime movie trilogy adapting Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha manga. The movie hits Japanese theaters in January.

*Animesols has started its campaign for a Pastel Yumi DVD release. Since Creamy Mami was animesols first big success, it makes sense that they’re going with another 1980’s Pierrot magical girl series.

*The latest CM for the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle PS3 game includes a teaser of Baoh, one of mangaka Hirohiko Araki’s pre-Jojo grotesque henshin hero characters. This game is looking more and more awesome.

*Discotek has license rescued the Ghost Stories anime. It’s an under-appreciated anime series most famous for ADV’s parody dub, however it’s also a part of Toho’s School of Ghosts tokusatsu movie franchise. Of course, supporting this release probably won’t get us the four School of Ghosts movies; it’d probably just get us more anime parody dubs.

*The Attack on Titan franchise continues to get harder to follow. In addition to the main manga in Shonen Magazine, there was Shonen Magazine‘s parody Attack Titan Junior High, Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, the currently-running prequel manga (based on a light novel) in Shonen Sirius, and now ARIA (a shojo magazine) will be running Attack on Titan: A Choice of No Regrets, by Gan Sunaaku. Get this: Sunaaku is also doing a visual novel for the series that will be packaged with the 6th Blu Ray of the anime, which will cover the same ground, namely Levi’s backstory.

via ann

Lastly, the biggest story:

*Kamen Rider Wizard is running longer than most, so they’re doing something special for the final two episodes: uniting the 15 main Heisei Kamen Riders. It seems only Decade’s human form is returning, but Gaim will be making an appearance, making this whole thing feel much more like a movie than a TV two-parter. Old Riders returning for the finale is totally Showa!



via HJU

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