Media Blasters licenses Ultimate Girls

Media Blasters has acquired the license to the 2005 12-episode anime series UG: Ultimate Girls, prompting immediate backlash from anime and tokusatsu fandoms alike. I think this is somewhat unwarranted, because, while the show is sort of a sleazy fan-service-fest, it’s occasionally a pretty decent Ultraman parody as well.

The premise is about the space hero UFOman coming to earth and having to transfer his powers/duties to not one, but three teenage heroines, who then grow to giant size to battle kaiju. The ecchi part comes in with the detail that as the colossal schoolgirls duke it out, their costumes dissolve away as their powers deplete, and some of the monsters have pretty suggestive designs. However, there’re also a handful of great in-jokes, such as a monster with “Bullmark” written on the bottom of his foot, or shot-for-shot recreations of iconic Ultra-franchise moments, which will serve Ultra-fans well (and go over the heads of everyone else). I’m glad that North America will be getting this show on DVD, and I also think it was prudent of them to wait until Ultraman and Ultraseven were available before trying to sell it here.

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